Red Sankō Overprints

Red Sankō Overprints


At the time of the publication of the ISJP CD-ROM, the red sankō overprints had been found only on Cherry Blossom forgeries produced by Hirose. Recently, examples of these overprints were discovered on three Hirose Dragon forgeries, the 48 mon Die A, the 200 mon Die A, and 500 mon Die A.  There is one known example of this overprint on a 100 mon Dragon forgery produced by Maeda and published by Kamgata-ya (Kamigata company).  Copies have been seen on this firm’s tourist sheets. The 100 mon design characteristics are like other Maeda forgeries.

These red red sankō overprints have a separate section here because:

  1. The same forgery occurs without the overprint. The forgery without the overprint is included in the study elsewhere.  A link is supplied to the forgery without the overprint when the proper page in this study is finished.
  2. The red sankō is an overprint that seems to have been applied after the printing of the forgery and not part of the printing itself.  It looks as if it’s either a rubber hand-stamp or ink drawing.
  3. There is no evidence that the overprint was applied by the forger at the time of the printing.  It could have been applied by the forger.  But it could have been applied by someone other than the forger and at anytime in the life of the forgery.
  4. Maybe more varieties are to be found.   They can be added when they are discovered.


Dragon Forgeries with Red Sankō Overprint

Note:  Blue titles indicate a link to the forged stamps with or without the overprint.

Cherry Blossom Forgeries with Red Sankō Overprint

Hirose: 2 sen crossed branches, position 1

HIROSE:  2 sen rose, crossed branches, position 1

Hirose: 4 sen plate 1(i), position 2

HIROSE:  4 sen green syllabic 1 (i), state 2, position 2

Hirose: 4 sen syllabic 1 (i), plate B, position 2

HIROSE:  4 sen rose syllabic 1 (i), plate B, position 2