Old Koban: 4 Sen Blue-Green


Issued 23 June 1876 – Scott #58 and Sakura #67
Old Koban: 4 sen blue-green - genuine

Genuine: unused

Forgeries with Genuine


Maeda: 4 sen with sankō



Sankō on either side in oval band below stars.

Spiro: Type 1 & 2 - only 13 petals in crest



Type 1 & Type 2: No sankō – only 13 petals in crest

Wada Forgeries


Genuine with Wada: Plate 4, engraved

Wada: Plate 4:

Wada: Plate 4, no sankō with printed cancels

Wada: Plate 4:


 Six different printed cancels, no sankō

Wada: Plate 19


Without printed cancels and no sankō

This is a very deceptive forgery.  The difference in color is a clue, but the color of the genuine varies.  The most consistent difference is in the two lines of the outer frame.  The genuine has two lines close together with a wide white space before the rest of the design.   The Wada forgeries have two thicker lines and a small white space in all positions.


Wada: Plate 19, Position 1

Position 1

Wada: Plate 19, Position 2

Position 2

Wada: Plate 19, Position 3

Position 3

Wada: Plate 19, Position 4

Position 4

Wada: Plate 19, Position 5

Position 5

Wada: Plate 19, Position 6

Position 6