Old Koban: 50 Sen Carmine


Issued 30 June 1879 – Scott #71 and Sakura #77


Koban: 50 sen carmine

Forgeries with Genuine


Maeda: with sankō


  •  Sankō on either side in oval band above stars
  • 17 petals in the crest.
Genuine: Wada with 2 sankō

Wada, Plate 14


 With two Sankō

  • In space between crest and sun, partially concealed by branches
  • On each side of “SEN” , sometimes very faint

Genuine: Wada Plate 29 with printed cancel

Wada, Plate 29


Six different printed cancels

The stamp designs were produced by multiple copying of a common die, but the actual size of the plate is still undetermined. There is some evidence that a much larger plate than six was used and that the same cancels occur more than once in each plate.

The Six Different Wada Printed Cancels 




Wada: Plate 29


The six different printed cancels.

Wada: Plate 29 six different printed cancels