Old Koban: 45 Sen Carmine


Issued 18 August 1877 – Scott #67 and Sakura #76


Old Koban: Genuine 45 Sen


Old Koban: Genuine (sumiten)

Genuine with “black ink dot” (sumiten) specimen overprint

Forgeries with Genuine


Maeda: 45 sen Type1, State 1 with sankō
Maeda: Type 1, State 1

Sankō on either side in oval band below stars.

Maeda: 45 sen, Type 1, State 2 with sankō erased
Maeda: Type 1, State 2

With sankō erased

Wada: Plate 13 with sankō
Wada: Plate 13

Sankō  in space between crest and sun, partially concealed by branches.

Wada: Plate 28, no sankō, printed cancels
Wada: Plate 28

No sankō –  with printed cancels

Different Wada Cancels 


Wada: Plate 28 with printed cancels
Wada: Plate 28 
With six different printed cancels

Note:  there is a second more normal cancel on two of the stamps

Wada: Plate 28 more normal cancels
Wada: Plate 28
 With six different more normal cancels
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