Old Koban: 15 Sen Yellow Green


Issued 29 Jun 1877 – Scott #64 and Sakura #73
Old Koban: 15 sen green

Genuine: unused

Genuine 20 sen yellow green-sumiten

Genuine: Black (ink) dot specimen (sumiten)

Genuine 20 sen yellow green - UPU book

Genuine: with special cancel used in the official presentation book in 1891 for the Vienna Congress of the UPU.

Forgeries with Genuine


Maeda: with sankō



With sankō in oval above bottom characters

Wada: Plate 10 with printed cancels

Wada: Plate 10


Six different printed cancels

State I: Original state: fine engraving
State II: Later state: major and rather crude retouching, principally to the oval band, and areas outside the oval band.

Wada: Plate 25 with printed cancels

Wada: Plate 25


Six different printed cancels

The stamp designs were produced by multiple copying of a common die, but the actual size of the plate is still undetermined. There is some evidence that a much larger plate than six was used and that the same cancels occur more than once in each plate.

Unknown Forgers


Unknown Forger: "Tokio" printed cancel

With Roman Letter printed “Tokio” cancel

Unknown Forger: only 10 petals in crest

Crude forgery with only 10 petals in crest

The Six Different Wada Printed Cancels 


Wada Plate 10 printed cancels

Wada: Plate 10, Printed Cancels

Wada Plate25 printed cancels

Wada: Plate 25, Printed Cancels