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A good references collection is needed. Many forgeries are easy to recognize, but some are not. Through the years the ISJP has published many things that help. Some of the references in the list below are difficult or impossible to find, but all the monographs published by the Society and listed below are available and can be purchased from the ISJP website at Or you might prefer to purchase all the paper Monographs (21) and all the issues of Japanese Philately to date for $75 on flash drive.  Most of the issues are presented as page by page .jpg.   If you are an ISJP member you can keep this flash drive updated by downloading each new issue from the website as published. The only monograph that does not come with the $75 purchase is the CD-Rom/Flash Drive monograph; Forgeries of the Dragon, Cherry Blossom and Koban Postage Stamps of Japan, (see full citation below.)

My sincere thanks to:

  • Kenneth J Bryson who provided high resolution graphics of the following genuine cherry blossom stamps:  4 sen green with syllabics ロ, ハ and 2 sen yellow with ribbon and others.
  • Doug Walker who read through all the pages done so far, and his eagle eyes found typos and inconsistencies for correction.
  • Dr. Renichi YAMADA who helped make the website better by providing high resolution graphics of some of the Koban issues.  Also he provided scans of the reprint of the 5 rin stamp, souvenir card, and its folder produced for PHIL-NIPPON ’91 now shown in full color.